rate analysis of plaster (material+labour)

Rate analysis of plaster is a vital process in construction, enabling an accurate estimation of expenses associated with plastering a specific area. This involves a systematic assessment of various factors to arrive at a cost per square meter or square foot.


Plaster serves as a fundamental construction material, frequently employed to cover walls, ceilings, and various surfaces. It is crafted from a blend of components that, upon application in a moist state, gradually solidifies, resulting in a sleek and sturdy finish.

Area Measurement

Measure the total area to be plastered, encompassing both walls and ceilings in square meters or square feet.

Mortar Mix Selection

Decide on the type and mix ratio of mortar suitable for plastering, considering factors like cement-sand ratios.

Determining Plaster Thickness

Determine the appropriate thickness of the plaster, accounting for surface conditions and architectural specifications.

Material Quantities

Calculate the quantities of essential materials needed per square meter (or square foot), including cement, sand, water, and any additives.

Labor Costs

Assess the costs associated with skilled labor for applying plaster and unskilled labor for mixing and preparing the mortar.

Equipment and Tools

Include the costs of necessary tools and equipment like trowels, scaffolding, mixing drums, etc., essential for the plastering work.

Overheads and Contingencies

Factor in overhead expenses, transportation costs, and allowances for unforeseen contingencies that may arise during the plastering process.

Profit Margin

Incorporate a reasonable profit margin for the contractor or builder to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Final Rate Calculation

Utilize the compiled data to calculate the rate of plastering per square meter (or square foot). This involves aggregating material costs, labor expenses, equipment outlay, overheads, and profit margin. Divide this total by the overall area to be plastered.


Compile a comprehensive report outlining the rate analysis for plastering. This document should encompass cost breakdowns, measurements, material quantities, labor rates, and any other pertinent information.

Comparison and Validation

Compare the calculated plastering rate with industry norms or similar projects to ensure it falls within a reasonable range. Adjustments may be made based on market conditions and project-specific factors.


Accurate rate analysis in plastering is paramount for effective budgeting and cost estimation in construction projects. It facilitates adherence to budgetary constraints and enables precise financial planning. It is recommended that this analysis be conducted by professionals well-versed in construction practices and in strict compliance with local building codes and standards.

rate analysis of plaster for 6 walls


No. of walls to be plastered = 6

mortar ratio = 1:6 (cement : sand)

wall height = 3000mm = 3m

wall length = 3650mm = 12m

outer plaster thickness = 12mm

inner plaster thickness = 10mm

material rate analysis


wall area = 3*12 = 36m^2

outer plaster volume = 36*0.012*6 = 2.592m^3

inner plaster volume = 36*0.01*6 = 2.16m^3

total plaster volume = 2.592+2.16 = 4.752m^3

Dry volume = 4.752*1.33 = 6.32m^3

sum of ratio = 1+6 = 7

cement quantity = (1/7)*6.32*(1440/50) = 26bags

sand quantity = (6/7)*6.32*35.32 = 191.34cft


Rate Assumptions:

cement/bag = ₹ 550

sand/cft = ₹ 12


cement = 26*550 = ₹ 14300

sand = 191.32*12 = ₹ 2296

Material cost

Sl. No.MaterialQuantityUnitRateAmount (₹)
Total₹ 16596

labour rate analysis

Labour Assumption

assuming the work to be completed in one day

No. of men required for the work

Mason = 2

labour = 4

water carrier = 1

Rate for men required

Mason = ₹ 800

labour = ₹ 500

water carrier = ₹ 400


Mason = 800*2 = ₹ 1600

labour = 500*4 = ₹ 2000

water carrier = 400*1 = ₹ 400

Labour cost

Sl. No.DescriptionNo. of menDays requiredRateAmount (₹)
3water carrier11400400
4T&P (tools & plants)
Total₹ 4000

Total Cost = 16596+4000 = ₹ 20596

Add 1.5% water charges of total cost = 308.94 ~ 310

Add 10% contractor profit = 2059.6 ~ 2060

Grand Total = 20596+310+2060 = ₹ 22966

For 36m^2 of plastering work = ₹ 22966

Rate for plastering work will be 22966/36 = ₹ 638/m^2

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