rate analysis of earthwork by manually

Rate analysis of earthwork involves evaluating the expenses linked with tasks such as excavation and filling during construction or landscaping ventures. This assessment dissects costs related to labor, equipment, and necessary materials for activities like digging, transporting, and compacting soil or other substances.

Steps for rate analysis of earthwork

Labor Costs

This covers the remuneration, benefits, and any supplementary expenses linked with the workforce engaged in the earthwork operations.

Equipment Costs

This encompasses the outlays associated with utilizing, upkeeping, and depreciating machinery like excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, and compactors.

Material Costs

This pertains to the expenditures for any materials used in the earthwork procedure, such as gravel, sand, or other fill materials.

Overhead Costs

These are the indirect expenses not directly tied to a specific task but are still incurred during the project. This may involve costs for supervision, administrative duties, and overall project management.

Miscellaneous Costs

Any other outlays relevant to the earthwork activities that don’t fit into the above categories.

Productivity Rates

These denote the estimated amount of work that can be accomplished by a given labor force or equipment within a specific time frame.


lead is the term used to describe the horizontal distance between the spot where materials are dug up (commonly known as the “point of operation”) and where they will eventually be put or disposed of. Essentially, it tells us how far the excavated material needs to be transported.


lift refers to the vertical distance between the lowest point of the excavation and the spot where the dug-up material is being deposited. It gives us a measure of how deep the excavation goes.

rate analysis of earthwork


Volume of earthwork = 400m^3

lead = 30m

lift = 1.5m

labour rate analysis


No. of men required

for 100m^3 excavation, we require —

mason = 3 per day

labour = 20 per day

water carrier = 3 per day

Tools & plants = ₹ 500

Rate for men required

Mason = ₹ 800

labour = ₹ 500

water carrier = ₹ 400


Mason = 800*2 = ₹ 1600

labour = 500*10 = ₹ 5000

water carrier = 400*2 = ₹ 800

Labour cost

Sl. No.DescriptionNo. of menDays requiredRateAmount (₹)
3water carrier244003200
4T&P (tools & plants)45002000
Total₹ 31600

Total Cost = ₹ 31600

Add 1.5% water charges of total cost = 474

Add 10% contractor profit = 3160

Grand Total = 31600+474+3160 = ₹ 35234

For 400m^3 of earthwork excavation = ₹ 35234

Rate for earthwork will be 35234/400 = ₹ 88.085 ~ 90/m^3

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