bar bending schedule of rectangular column

bar bending schedule is to guarantee that the right quantity and type of reinforcement is utilized in the construction process, aligning with the design and safety criteria. It aids contractors and construction personnel in precisely cutting, bending, and positioning the rebars, thereby minimizing material wastage and upholding the structural soundness of the project.


Columns are vertical structural elements found in buildings that play a crucial role in supporting the weight of the structure above them. They transfer loads, such as those from floors, roofs, or beams, down to the foundation, ensuring the stability and integrity of the entire building. Columns are typically constructed using materials like concrete, steel, or reinforced concrete, depending on the specific requirements of the building’s design and function.

Rectangular Column

A rectangular column is a vertical support structure within a building, characterized by its cross-section, which takes on the shape of a rectangle. This type of column is a popular selection in construction owing to its straightforwardness and effectiveness in carrying vertical loads. You’ll find rectangular columns utilized extensively across a spectrum of structures, ranging from homes and offices to industrial facilities.

bar bending schedule calculation

Column Top view
column section


column width = 300mm

column depth = 300mm

column height = 3000mm

footing depth = 300mm

clear cover of footing = 50mm

Dia of bar used in footing = 20mm

clear cover of column = 40mm

spacing of stirrups = 300mm C/C

L length = 300mm





Calculation of vertical bar & stirrups

bar bending schedule

Vertical bar

Cutting Length = column height+footing depth – (footing cover+footing bot. dist. bar dia+footing bot. main bar dia+L length – (2*bends)

=3000+300-(50+20+20)+300-(2*2*12) = 3462mm

weight = ((d^2/162)*CL)/1000= ((12^2/162)*3462)/1000= 3.1Kg


No. of stirrups = (column height/spacing)+1

=(3000/300)+1 = 11nos.

cutting length = ((2*column depth)-(2*clear cover))+((2*column width)-(2*clear cover))+(2*hook length)-(2*135°bend)-(3*90°bend)

= ((2*300)-(2*40))+((2*300)-(2*40))+(2*10*8)-(2*3*8)-(3*2*8) = 1044mm

weight = ((d^2/162)*CL)/1000= ((8^2/162)*1044)/1000= 0.4124Kg

bar bending schedule

Sl. No.DescriptionBar dia (mm)spacing (mm)CL (mm)No. of barsWeight (Kg)
1vertical bar123462412.4

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